The perfect jaw position –

also important for your nose

Our private orthodontic practice in Munich is also the right place if you or your child breathe through your mouth instead of your nose. Breathing through the mouth can result from a curve in the septum or from chronic sinus infection. In this case, the ear, nose and throat specialist will take care of you. Breathing through the mouth can also be the symptom of misaligned jaw, and then you are even more in the right place with us.

Why trouble-free nasal breathing Is important

During nasal breathing, the nasal hairs filter out dirt particles from the air and the antibodies in the nose fight the first pathogens. Mucous membranes in the nose moisten the air. In addition, the path from the nostril to the lungs is so long that the air is tempered. So this complete process ultimately optimally supports the maximum oxygen beforehand and the strengthening of our immune system, and ideally this is how it should be!

Mouth breathing, on the other hand, lacks all the advantages of nasal breathing: throat and mouth become cold and dry. The way to the airways is clear for bacteria, viruses and fungi. If the tongue is wrong, this often leads to snoring, and all in all, breathing through the mouth can lead to an increased susceptibility to infections, inflammation of the airways or to sleeping disorders.

Impaired nasal breathing:
These are the treatment options in orthodontics

To improve nasal breathing, in orthodontics we treat the position of the jaw and tongue. For the optimal position for nasal breathing, the tongue needs enough space in the jaw. Jaws that are too narrow or misaligned teeth do not give the tongue this space, and in this case comes to breathing through the mouth instead of breathing through the nose.

Even if it is small, the tongue still has a big role in the oral cavity: The correct position of the tongue is essential for proper growth of the palate and jaw, it influences swallowing and swallowing influences the position of the teeth. In addition, the correct position of the tongue keeps the airways open (see also our article on snoring).

In order to improve nasal breathing, the aim is to carefully coordinate the upper and lower jaws and to promote the optimal position of the tongue.

Depending on the complexity of the malfunction, in Zahncouture we use removable or fixed orthodontic arches.

The fine nasal bones in children can be treated successfully with simple orthodontic tools due to their growth and should always be one of the goals of early orthodontic treatment. Treatment is more complex in adults. But if you have complaints, it is always worth doing something good for yourself!