Invisible Lingual braces

When the beauty
comes from within

In today’s orthodontics there are different ways to successfully correct misaligned teeth. In Zahncouture, we concentrate on the aesthetic highlights from the modern treatment spectrum.

In our orthodontic boutique, we will consider all possible solutions, we will advise you on what would be feasible and how, and which treatment method suits your ideas. Most patients opt for treatment with aligners. Lingual braces are an excellent aesthetic alternative when aligners are not your choice and when medium or complex tooth misalignments need to be corrected.

Lingual braces
Fixed braces for fix results

The lingual braces, such as the Incognito, WIN or Ormco braces, will be attached to the inside of the teeth by the orthodontist and develop their gallant correction potential there. In terms of their effect, lingual brace systems are similar to classic braces that are often used in teenagers. However, the positioning on the inside of the teeth is a decisive plus of the lingual technique: wearing braces becomes a secret accessory for the owner, because these braces couture cannot be seen from the outside! In addition, the more intensive saliva flow on the inside of the teeth supports the teeth as an endogenous, perfect protection against caries. The risk of tooth decay during lingual treatment is reduced.

The greatest advantages of lingual braces at a glance:

  • 100 percent customizable
  • Attached internal and aesthetic in design
  • Absolutely comfortable because of the flat, individualized bracket design
  • Gentle for the teeth

Every lingual brace, regardless of whether it is WIN, the nickel-free Incognito or Ormco, is absolutely unique thanks to the individual, high-precision manufacture that is precisely tailored to your teeth shape. The tailor-made, flat bracket design ensures high wearing comfort. The fixed system also enables demanding and complex corrections and with that extremely precise results. And there comes the aesthetic on top: Internal braces guarantee maximum discretion.

Your journey towards lingual braces

After the detailed consultation and the decision made in favor of the lingual braces, we will create your personal treatment plan in the Zahncouture. Our decades of experience in dental medicine, the latest dental technology and trained eye for aesthetics during diagnosis and therapy are decisive here. Many factors flow into the result: What face shape do you have? How are your jaws positioned? How do you imagine your very own smile? After the lingual braces have been planned and made to measure, your journey to a wonderful, healthy teeth position and your new individual smile can begin!

Orthodontist Dr. Patrick Dipsche performs lingual treatments in Munich. He knows: “The lingual braces combine the powerful functionality of classic, fixed braces with the option of customizing them down to the last detail – for comfort, aesthetics and individuality right from the start.”