Profile correction in Munich

When aesthetics and medical competence go hand in hand

Symmetry is appealing. The profile line of the face is determined by the shape of the forehead and the nose, but above all by the contour of the chin and jaw. So when the nose, the chin and the jaw are proportionally harmonious, many people find this – unconsciously and consciously – aesthetically attractive in themselves and others.

With the orthodontic professional correction, in Zahncouture we help you achieve an aesthetic profile – and even more: Because profile correction goes beyond optical metamorphosis.

Aesthetics and Medicine –
go hand in hand with us

In the case of slight misalignments of the jaw, a profile correction is not necessary, as long as the bite is correct and you are perfectly satisfied with your profile. But in the case of pronounced jaw and tooth misalignments, neither the profile nor the function are correct. The lack of facial symmetry is noticeable and sometimes causes emotional stress for those affected.

In this case, orthodontic and maxillofacial corrections are necessary for serious functional disorders in the jaw apparatus. The consequences are tangible and visible: while chewing, speaking, closing your lips, breathing, your profile. And of course with your beautiful smile and a strong self-confidence!

Orthodontic and maxillofacial
profile correction

Slight asymmetries of the profile can be treated in Zahncouture without oral surgery. For severe dysgnathias in adults, the orthodontist will work closely with a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Indications can be, for example, misalignments such as the back of the lower jaw, in which the upper incisors clearly protrude over the lower ones, or a lower jaw position, in which the lower incisors protrude over the upper ones. The roles in the treatment are clearly separated and yet close in the collaboration: While the maxillofacial surgeon surgically adjusts the bones of the jaw, the orthodontist takes care of the fine alignment of the jaws and the perfect alignment of the teeth in the jaw. Profile corrections with surgical interventions require absolute trust in the skills of the specialists working together!

The treatment for profile correction
on the Maximilian Street

Your day in Zahncouture will begin with professional, transparent and informative advice from Dr. Patrick Dipsche. It is in our mutual interest that all your questions about the treatment and the costs are covered and that you will come to the our orthodontic boutique with a good feeling.

We are there to walk you trough the schedule and the time frame in which the oral and maxillofacial surgeon and we as orthodontists will act. In the first phase, for example, the orthodontist can adjust the dental arches with an aligner before the oral and maxillofacial surgeon carries out the operation on the jawbone. The process until complete healing after the operation can take up to six months – during which time the orthodontist takes care of the final misalignments of the teeth.

The entire period of a professional orthodontic profile correction can last from 6 to 36 months. Each profile correction must be viewed individually!

As part of an interdisciplinary profile correction, we at Zahncouture will not only take care of the consultation and the orthodontic part of the profile correction, but we are also there for the therapy planning, the pre- and post-treatment and your personal support. We are available for you, even until late in the evening!