CMD diagnosis and treatment

Achieve exquisite esthetic and
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Behind every brilliant design there is a perfect interplay of individual, functional elements. It is not much different at the Zahncouture. Only when the aesthetics and function harmonize we can help you improve your looks and also your health. 

Malfunctions in the jaw and face area are recognizable symptoms of CMD

A slight cracking or rubbing of the temporomandibular joint, pain while chewing, aching teeth or jaws in the morning, morning headaches or neck pain – all of these are symptoms that can indicate a temporomandibular joint disorder.

Orthodontists refer to the collective functional disorders of the temporomandibular joint, the masticatory muscles and the occlusion as CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction).

Craniomandibular dysfunctions should always be examined and, if possible, treated, as they not only impair the chewing system, breathing and articulation, but also trigger complaints such as migraines, muscular tension in the back, neck and neck area or can be the cause for tinnitus and dizziness.

Why healthy jaws, joints & muscles are so important

A healthy smile stands for the entire chewing system. This involves the teeth, the upper and lower jaw, the jaw joint and the masticatory muscles. The chewing system has a variety of everyday tasks to perform. Eating effortlessly is essential for our well-being – with biting off, chewing and swallowing. Melodic pronunciation and nasal breathing are just as important. All of these are “everyday events” that we don’t think about as long as they work.

Only when the function is not right we notice how important the harmony of our masticatory system shapes our whole system, and that the aesthetics can only shine when the function is also in harmony.

CMD diagnostics In good hands at Zahncouture

The CMD treatment in the Munich Zahncouture begins with a medical diagnose. With the functional analysis, we examine and evaluate the complex bite situation as well as the position of the temporomandibular joints and the position of the upper and lower jaw.

The abnormalities are analyzed by palpation, as well as by methods such as taking impressions, x-rays or by analyzing the chewing movement.

After completing the functional analysis the orthodontist can state how the position of the jaws and the position of the teeth will affect the masticatory muscles and the temporomandibular joints. The functional analysis lays the foundation for a successful treatment of a possible CMD.

CMD treatment in Munich Bite splint for tension relief

When there is a craniomandibular dysfunction, we start with splint therapy. For this purpose, we will make you an individual bite splint which will relax the tense chewing, facial and head muscles relatively quickly.

Once the acute pain and tension symptoms have been relieved, the next step is to treat the causes for the craniomandibular dysfunction. We can solve almost every orthodontic issue. For causes outside the field of orthodontics, we trustfully work with a group of excellent team from orthopedics, osteopaths and physiotherapists.

In a harmonious whole, we bring you back the desired harmony of functional balance. And even more, we bring it to a higher level than before.