Individual anti-snoring splint

Relaxed nights
in Munich

In the Munich Zahncouture, we are also your competent partner when it comes to snoring rather than elegant tooth design.

Snoring affects our health and quality of life. As a result of snoring, there is a lack of deep sleep and the partner is stressed by the background noise at night.

At the latest when snoring leads to breathing pauses (sleep apnea), snoring should immediately be treated. With sleep apnea, the upper airways remain closed for more than ten seconds. The oxygen supply is cut off until the brain recognizes the situation and terminates it with the vital wake-up reaction. If the breathing pauses occur several times a night, the person concerned does not have a restful deep sleep and high blood pressure can be the result.

In our orthodontic boutique practice in the city centre, we can help you quickly, easily and professionally toget rid of light and moderate snoring disorders with the help of the individual snoring device. In sleep apnea, snoring splints are usually used in addition to other measures.

Good to know
Why 60% of men and 40% of women snore

We relax our bodies in sleep. The so-called tongue snoring is a consequence of the muscle relaxation that gradually occurs during sleep. The lower jaw and base of the tongue sink down during sleep. The result: the airways narrow and the typical rattling snoring noises arise. Snoring is particularly persistent in the supine position. There are restless nights – but they don’t have to be!

How does the treatment work
With the snoring splint for restful deep sleep

With a snoring splint (protrusion splint), both snoring and brief respiratory arrests during sleep can be ended easily and comfortably by slightly shifting the lower jaw.

The lower and upper jaw splints made of plastic are placed on the teeth and brought together via connecting mechanisms. This prevents the lower jaw and the base of the tongue from sinking back. The airways remain free.

The success rates for orthodontic treatment with a snoring device are well over 80 percent. Incidentally, a snoring splint treatment can reduce blood pressure just as much as a Betablocker in sleep apnea!

A snoring splint is worn in a similar way to an aligner. It is easy to use and you insert and remove it yourself.

How the snoring splint becomes a success
It’s all about individuality

Success is only achieved with customization: When manufacturing the splint, the aim is to individually adapt the optimal position of the lower jaw to the snoring splint.

The plastic splint is made individually for you in our orthodontic practice boutique in Munich. In Zahncouture we pay attention to snoring splints with high wearing comfort! The rails we use are not restrictive, can be moved laterally and are infinitely adjustable. They are perfectly rounded off by the use of biocompatible material.

Snoring splints are luxury coutures for restful nights.