Premium orthodontics

Open communication
and transparent prices

With Zahncouture you will enter a unique boutique practice for orthodontics on Maximilian Street, which works at the highest level of expertise and at the same time shines bright in the luxury ambience of haute couture. As the glass of the entrance door is transparent so it is our communication regarding the complete treatment. In our boutique, at the beginning of the journey to your perfect smile, you will know what costs you can expect as a private patient or self-payer.

The initial consultation

At our first meeting in Zahncouture, we will show what orthodontics can do. You invest your time for coming to visit us and so do we invest ours in your well-being. On the initial consultation appointment we will make the initial medical diagnosis, advise you additionally using a digital, individually created 3D model, explain the various possible treatment options to you, look into what can be done with your teeth and your profile and provide you with the costs associated with the options we propose.

Upon request, our patients can then receive “their first 3D model” by email.

Full cost transparency

Cost transparency saves us time. We will discuss the treatment and cost plan with you in advance and in detail. And we show you transparently what can be implemented and at what cost.

In orthodontics, there are always “can” and “must” decisions that involve different costs. In this regard, we are flexible and offer you all the options that apply to you. In terms of aesthetics, there is a certain leeway between “attractive” and “first-class brilliance”. On the other hand, we do not make any compromises when it comes to your health, because this is the basis of our orthodontic work.

Being honest with our patients is our priority! When you know what to expect and we know what you want we can achieve a trustworthy long lasting relationship.