Surgical orthodontics in Munich

Specialized in
complex treatments

Our orthodontic boutique in the heart of Munich begins where others end. 

In the case of dysgnathia – anomalies in the shape of the jaw, the position of the jaws to one another (upper and lower jaw) and the expected malocclusions and aesthetic abnormalities, we can work with different types of braces for children in order to fully exploit the potential of the growth and softness of the bones. Always with the clear perspective for achieving good-looking  and healthy results. For adults, the treatment of orthodontic anomalies looks different: In the case of pronounced dysgnathia, cooperation with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon is essential in order to correct this effectively and permanently.

Orthodontics is more than a beautiful smile

A healthy jaw posture, a strong bite or right breathing are also part of it. We can put teeth in a healthy and perfect row, adjusted to normal values. We can also customize teeth position to suit your face, your lip profile, mouth shape, nose contour and muscle tone.

It often happens that each dental discipline only sees its part. We bring all aspects of beautiful and healthy smile together. As a specialist dentist for orthodontics as well as a Master of Science in aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry and further training in CMD (Craniomandibular Dysfunction), Dr. Patrick Dipsche and his team will bring everything in a perfect order for a flawless apperiance. 

For our private practice boutique in Munich, we rely on a close-knit and long-term network of selected oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeons in the Bavarian metropolis. It is a network based on many years of cooperation and top results. A team of specialists whom you can trust. What’s more: Zahncouture specializes in complexity: Dr. Patrick Dipsche and our team record the most operations in Germany in the field of combined “orthodontic surgery and orthodontic” treatments.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery & orthodontics

The symbiosis of maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics is a multi-dimensional, usually three-year treatment in which the wearing of aligners or fixed, lingual braces is supported by a surgical intervention in the jaw.

In adults, this treatment is only necessary if there is pronounced dysgnathia!

In Zahncouture, we also treat light deviations in adults with our comfortable Invisalign aligners.