Invisalign in the Maximilian Street

Your smile all dressed up
in Haute Couture

For the urban aesthetes, there is usually only one possible choice: Tooth position correction with Invisalign. Invisalign are wafer-thin plastic splints that – instead of braces as in the past – correct your teeth in the optimal position.

Invisalign is the premium brand among plastic splint brands worldwide and Dr. Patrick Dipsche is one of the most experienced orthodontists for Invisalign in Germany. Because even if Invisalign envelops your teeth with a touch of glamor, as delicate as real silk, during the correction – the orthodontist is the one who will be leading the orthodontic correction. The orthodontist uses the splints to individually conceptualize and create your tooth displacement. The orthodontist is the designer of your dental couture.

Invisalign from dental couture
A smile with a soul

Dr. Patrick Dipsche has specialized in Invisalign for years and is certified as a “Diamond Apex specialist” (the highest award that can be achieved). In the orthodontic boutique in Lehel, he will be in charge of your new smile.

As an experienced orthodontist and specialist for Invisalign, Dr. Dipsche will accompany you on your journey from the initial consultation to the desired results. 

In addition to achieving the desired results – a smile that shines in functional health and striking beauty, what is important to him is that the smile becomes perfect but remains unique, as every person is unique: “The art of orthodontics is not just about straight teeth, aligned according to lines, stretches or angles, teeth in perfect order that look good and healthy at the end of the treatment. There is much more to it. It’s about that particular person’s smile! It’s about personality. Teeth alone do not make a smile. Even when they are perfectly done and put together they are just teeth. Only when we recognize a person’s charm and convey it to the outside world we breathe real life into the orthodontic result.”

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